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Student Aid
Joining a Program is closer than you think.

CI offers up to $2,013 in Student Aid toward your experience.

At CI we’re invested in your future and we know that once you graduate from one of our programs, you’ll be 3 times more employable than your peers. To ensure the start of your career is as effective as can be, we'll provide up to $2,013 in Student Aid towards your CI experience.

Student Aid is awarded as part of a needs-based and a needs-blind assessment. All students are eligible for Student Aid.

If you'd like to calculate your eligibility, you can do so right now on our Student Calculator

You'll need to:

Our General Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Estimate your Student Aid using our calculator
  • Complete a Student Aid form after Enrolling.

And if you don’t qualify for Student Aid?

Don’t worry, you’re still in a stronger positon than your peers.

After all, when compared with US and UK national averages, CI alumni get hired 3 times more quickly (that's in 2.5 months rather 7.5 months) and earn 30% more (in their first year alone) straight out of school.

To find out more about our Student Aid initiative, schedule a call with a member of our Student Experience Team, call +1 (310) 438-5329 (8am to 6pm PST)

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]