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Recruiting entry-level talent is tough. Today's education-to-employment market works against most jobseekers and employers. Too many inadequately skilled graduates are funneled towards too few large graduate employers.

  • CI programs teach graduates the skills and behaviors employers actually need.
  • CI programs give all employers cost and risk free access to the largest workforce ever; millennials.

People, Your Biggest Investment

Our student and graduate interns hail from the world's leading universities. They complete a series of assessments before they are put in front of you. And, while they're with you, we train them to excel in all the important areas universities neglect.

We find
Broad and deep.
Our academic network spans 1,200 leading universities and student organizations globally.
We match
Free and painless.
On average, our partners enjoy 2:1 interview to success ratios. The industry average is 8:1.
We train
Armed and dangerous.
Our interns train with us twice weekly. They come prepared to make an impact.
You pick
No hire, no cost.
Host an intern for free. You only pay us if you make a successful hiring after a program.

Matching great companies with the
best millennial talent, since 2011

We started in London, focusing on banking & financial services, in 2011. Our roots have spread far and deep.
We work with companies across 20 cities, in all industries, and at all stages of growth.

Put us to work for you

We're experts in engaging, developing and managing millennials. If you're dipping a toe into the graduate market for the first time, looking to bolster an existing program or in need of full-scale on-campus recruiting and marketing support, put us to work.

Host an intern
Enjoy our free intern placement service. We run spring, summer, fall and winter programs in 20 cities
Hire our alumni
CI alumni are the cream of the crop. They're intelligent, motivated, and battle-proven in the real-world.
Sponsor an intern
Do good. Co-sponsor a deserving student with us. We'll put your brand in front of millions of faces.
Campus Promotions
Deploy our student and faculty databases and ambassador channels to enhance your campus recruiting or marketing.
Our mission
two birds, one stone
Skill development and job creation are
at the heart of what we do.
More than 65% of our students are hired by their host companies. And, on average, CI alumni get hired 3x more quickly and earn 30% more than their peers straight out of university.
70% of educators say graduates are well prepared for work; fewer than 50% of employers agree.
CI's program teach graduates the skills and behaviors employers actually need.
Top graduate employers receive 250 applications per vacancy, yet 20% of the vacancies are not filled. Meanwhile, 55% of the graduates are underemployed.
All CI's programs give employers cost - and risk-free access to the largest workforce ever; millennials.
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