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Global Explorer Program

Ex·plor·er (ik'splôrər)

Noun 1. A person who explores an unfamiliar area; an adventurer.

The Global Explorer Program is our CUSTOM 6-12 week program. It takes place year-round and is designed to help current students and recent graduates explore and develop their career in a global city.

Graduates of the program gain the professional skills, experience and connections necessary to launch a successful career.

  • london
  • new york city
  • washington d.c
  • miami
  • los angeles
  • boston
  • chicago
  • san francisco
  • dublin
  • paris
  • barcelona
  • madrid
  • toronto
  • shanghai
  • tokyo
  • bangkok
  • hong kong
  • melbourne
  • medellÍn
  • santiago
  • Entertainment, Media & Journalism
  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Art, Fashion & Design
  • Marketing, Advertising & PR
  • Charities, Not-For-Profits & NGOs
  • Law & Politics



For a cohort-based Summer program, see the Global Accelerator Program
For year-round remote internships, see the Remote Program


8-week Internship


Develop real-world skills and experience with a leading company in one of nine professional fields. You'll work with a team of advisors to secure an internship, in your selected city and industry, where your skills and aspirations are well matched.



In an ever-evolving economy and employment market it's critical to make every career move count. The Career Navigator Course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make intelligent career decisions.

Leadership skills and commercial awareness invariably fill the top two spots on any prospective employer's wish list. The Future Leaders Course, comparable to a condensed MBA course, provides insight into key business concepts that will help you think and act like a business leader.

As part of the Global Accelerator Program you'll enjoy a series of web-based classes and exercises to help you excel during your internship and beyond.



Our Course Instructors are dedicated to help you make the most of the opportunity. Beginning with skills and career fit assessment, we’ll professionally review your resume and prepare you for interviews. Your program will include a mid- and end-of-program appraisal with regular feedback and we’re here to offer job search advice and support if you need it once your graduate.

The most important thing I learnt through CI was how to apply my creative skills in a working environment. I now understand how to channel my talents to produce results that meet a professional standard. My internship has left me with a portfolio of work that I can draw on.
University of British Colombia, 2018
CI, 2015
This program has improved my skillset in every way. I’ve gained real, tangible skills that I use every day. I can show my future employers, hey, I have done this before and I know how to do it correctly. The program has made me more marketable and more prepared when it comes to approaching the job market.
Loyola University of New Orleans, 2016
CI, 2016
Before the start of the program, I found the uncertainty of life after college very daunting. Now I have a greater picture of how to focus my strengths and experience, I can’t wait to see where life takes me when graduation comes.
North Carolina State University, 2015
CI, 2015
There are some things that you just can’t learn in college. This experience has allowed me to apply the tools that I learn in class to real life. CI provide you with the opportunity to learn about business and apply it to your career via your internship the very next day.
Depauw University, 2017
CI, 2016
The people I’ve interned alongside are some of the people who will be leading businesses in five or ten years’ time. To be able to learn from them and have those connections as I move forward is amazing.
University of Cambridge, 2018
CI, 2016
My CI program comprised of everything I could ever ask for. There’s the professional aspect of the internship, plus the social aspect of meeting new friends from all over the world, all backed up by the support from everyone at CI.
Mount St. Mary’s University, 2017
CI, 2016
By coming to CI I was able to pinpoint the exact sector of banking in which I wanted to start my career. The team found me the placement I wanted and really helped me with my preparation going in to the interview, giving me the best chance of securing the role.
University of St. Andrews, 2015
CI, 2013
It was an unbelieveable, unforgettable experience. Joining a CI program and having the opportunity to intern abroad has made me grow as a person and feel much more confident moving forward. The support from CI only helped this.
University of Newcastle, 2017
CI, 2016
You learn so many practical skills that can be applied in a professional and a personal setting. I’ve learnt how to communicate, how to act in interviews and how to approach the graduate jobs market. This experience will put me in good stead moving forward.
University of Nottingham, 2017
CI, 2016
I have matured and developed so much over the summer. The internship has really helped me define my career goals. I now know exactly what I want to do and how I can get there and have come back to university with a renewed passion for my industry.
University of Liverpool, 2017
CI, 2016
Signing up for CI is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I gained real-world experience, expanded my professional network and learned so many skills. I’m ready to jump in to a career after college.
Kenyon College, 2016
CI, 2016
I would have been very lost without CI. It was comforting to be given access to this entrepreneurial atmosphere and a group of so many like-minded people. There are individuals here that I will be working alongside for years to come.
Clemson University, 2017
CI, 2016
I only have positive things to say about my experience with CI, including the prompt responses, support and encouragement from their staff. Continue helping other people who need to get out there and gain a taste of a real work environment that will benefit them moving forward. Work experience is essential for students to explore an industry and decide whether to pursue a career in that area.
Royal Holloway, University of London, 2016
CI, 2015
I was able to walk away from my internship knowing that I made an impact on my host company which was a great feeling. I now have real, tangible work-experience that will ensure I stand out amongst a group of job applicants. Something tells me that CI is the ticket to my future.
Virginia Tech, 2016
CI, 2015
CI has given me a lot of confidence moving forward. I now have experience on my resume that has already provided me with a head-start in such a competitive industry. Landing a full-time job straight out of college is proof that the CI programs are extremely valuable.
University of Michigan, 2016
CI, 2014


Choose a city close to you or on the far side of the world. More than a half of students go overseas.